Guinness World Records World’s Largest Fractal

Guinness World Records World’s Largest Fractal

The World’s Largest Fractal made from Modelling Balloons is 264.6cm as of yesterday, when the FABULOUS Bubbly Maths team and The Pyraloons established a new Mathematical world record. Make maths Beyond Fun at your school or home. Download our fabulous resources... read more


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Bubbly Maths Shows

Why does Bubbly Maths Exist?

Our mission is to make maths fun for every child on Earth. Our method is to take children through and beyond fun, leading to deeper understanding and engagement in the infinite puzzles that are mathematics.

Our vehicle is maths shows and workshops using soap bubbles and balloons, for primary aged children from 3 to 11 in schools and at home. We call it Edutainment :o)

Experience making mathematics beyond fun for yourselves when one of our mathematical clowns visits your school! Contact Bubbly Maths now :0)

Our core belief is that EVERY child should have access, therefore our philosophy is that the “haves” help pay for the “have nots” and we are constantly fund raising. We work in disadvantaged communities in Africa and support AIMSSEC. The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences School Enrichment Centre that supports African children in disadvantaged communities to raise themselves out of poverty through rich, sustainable education. We are looking for the right fit in a UK charity to support, please contact us if you have an ideas :)

Guinness World Record Attempt Information

Join us on November 12th to become a World Record Holder.


15th March 2014

Bubbly Maths and the Pyraloons were invited to attempt a Guinness World Record for Mathematics, at the Cambridge Science Festival

On March 15th 2014, we attempted the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Sierpinki Pyramid (Tetrix – aka Sierpinski Tetrahedron) at the Cambridge Science Festival. We had an AMAZING day, thank you for your generous donations to AIMSSEC.

World's Largest Sierpinski Tetrahedron attempt

World’s Largest Sierpinski Tetrahedron attempt

30th June 2013

Bubbly Maths and the Pyraloons attempted the world’s largest modelling balloon sculpture

Our first attempt at a Guinness World Record

Our first attempt at a Guinness World Record



“We will refer back to the children’s visualisation of shapes during teaching and use the balloons you left behind to model shapes.”  
Mr Meleady & Mr White, Shaw School, Yr 6 teachers

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