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Bubbly Maths Workshops

Bubbly Maths Shows

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Bubbly Maths Workshops
Bubbly Maths Shows

We make mathematics FUN shows and workshops for primary aged children from 3 to 11 in  schools and at home. We call it Edutainment :o)

Experience making mathematics fun for yourself when one of our mathematical clowns visits your school! Contact Bubbly Maths now :0)

Fun Family Workshops

Fun workshops for families in London. Making mathematics fun, discovering what it’s like to make a square bubble and create fun balloon shapes. Contact us for more fun information


Bubbly Maths was a fantastic day and greatly enjoyed by all the children from reception to Year 6. The children really enjoyed the two days and learned how to make ‘brilliant mistakes’ which they could learn from. Since then, I have heard several children repeating this idea and being prepared to take risks in their mathematical learning. It has given teachers some really useful ideas for assimilating practical mathematical activities into their day-to-day teaching practice.”
Royal Institution Grant Recipient

So far in 2014

15th March 2014

Bubbly Maths and the Pyraloons were invited to attempt a Guinness World Record for Mathematics, at the Cambridge Science Festival

On March 15th 2014, we attempted the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Sierpinki Pyramid (Tetrix – aka Sierpinski Tetrahedron) at the Cambridge Science Festival. We had an AMAZING day, thank you for your generous donations to AIMSSEC.

8 metre Sierpinski Tetrahedron (Tetrix) Pyramid




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