Resources from past Guinness World Record attempts


Every year we create resources based on our Guinness World Record attempts. They can all be accessed on this page. Click the pictures or the buttons to download the resources.

You can get results like these.......

C. Thornley, St. William’s RC Primary School

The activities were pitched appropriately to age groups

M. Wilcok, St Columba’s, Hertfordshire

A fantastic presentation. The boys were enthralled. They had great fun and did lots of Maths. Thank you

Sussex University, PGCE Student

There are learning opportunities in everything you do.

Largest 3D Fractal Made from modelling balloons.

Guinness World Record

The World’s Largest Fractal Made from Modelling Balloons. Our first Guinness World Record in 2015


Largest Global Maths & Science Lesson Resources


Largest Global Maths & Science DNA Lesson

Largest Maths Lesson on DNA

The World’s Largest Maths & and Science Lesson based on DNA


Largest Global Maths & Science Sports Lesson

The Maths and Science in Sports Lesson


Largest Global Maths & Science Time Lesson

2017 Largest Maths Lesson theme of Time


Largest Global Maths Lesson on Bubbles

Giant Soap Bubble



Other Bubbly Maths Resources


How to Make a Newspaper Metre Stick

How to make newspaper sticks



Other Links to Mathematically Rich Resources

1. NRICH On this website you will find thousands of free mathematics enrichment materials (problems, articles and games) for teachers and learners from ages 5 to 19 years. All the resources are designed to develop subject knowledge, problem-solving and mathematical thinking skills.

We particularly enjoy, and keep in our resources toolbox :0) Clowns and Maths  Scaling Clowns and
A Problem is a Problem for All That  KS2, 3 & 4 A Problem Is a Problem for All That, Article by Jennifer Piggott

2. ATM (Association for Teachers of Mathematics) have a plethora of mathematical resources and activities from a talented group of mathematicians who understand how to make maths engaging. All following the ATM Aims and Guiding Principals of sound mathematical learning.

3. Murderous Maths Kjartan Poskitt is fun, funny, gentle and passionate about mathematics. We have ALL of his books and we love his resources!

4. Math Craft Ideas and resources for making all kinds of fun 3D shapes out of some VERY unusual materials! Very inspiring :0)

5. FREE MATHS ACTIVITIES Arvind Gupta is a prolific creator of resources for science as well as mathematics. Check out the resources on his You Tube Channel and here is a taster of one of his MANY resources

All the way from India, Arvind Gupta is a highly creative teacher, creating resources and activities using junk materials.

Paper Resources

Balloon Resources

Bubble Resources

Drinking Straw Resources

People Resources

Low Cost Resources

Creative Resources

Money Resources

Real Life Resources

Art Resources

Travel Resources

Mountain Climbing

Shopping Resources

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Photograph Resources

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