Biggest Ever Maths and Science Lesson Guiness World Record Attempt November 2015On 3 November 2015, we had 48,765 learners from 18 countries registered to take part in the Guinness World Record Attempt at the World’s  Largest Maths and Science Lesson. This cross-curricular 100 minute lesson involved learners of ages 7 to 15. Teachers of 13,243 learners submitted the required proof to satisfy the Guinness requirements.

This TedEd video is useful for teachers who want to find out more about DNA.

Click here to order kits for making balloon models.

Click on the pictures and links to view the videos and lesson resources

Lesson 1 – Watch One of the Introductory Videos then Choose One of the Methods Below to Make Your Model

Suitable for all Learners

Introductory Videos for All Classes:

Primary, Secondary

Introductory Slides

Introductory Slides

Beads model

Pasta Straw Model of DNA

Buy beads or make them from pasta or drinking straws.

Sweet Model

DNA - Sweet Model

Made with soft sweets and toothpicks or cocktail sticks.

Pipe Cleaner Tactile Model

DNA - Pipe Cleaner Model

For visually impaired and suitable for all.

Send us a photo of your class with their models and receive a free certificate.

Lesson 2 – Half Hour Activities to Choose From

Lower Primary

2-Step DNA Codes

DNA Base Pairs

Suitable for 6 years old and up.

2-step DNA ladder poster.

DNA Cartoon Fun

DNA - Cartoon

DNA-like recipes for cartoon faces.

Recipe for Life, Bangor University

DNA Dance

DNA - Dance

People Maths

Acting out DNA replication.

Each learner acts as one of the 4 bases.

Middle Years

World We Share

Statistics Part 1

Bar Charts/Arithmetic Mean

Powers of Ten Part 1

Powers of Ten 1

Representing Millions and Billions


How far will your DNA stretch?

DNA - How far will your DNA stretch

Measurement and conversions

You might also like to use: DNA Song and TedEd Video


Basics of the Bases

DNA - Basics of the Bases

Molecular Structures of the bases.

Bar charts and pie charts.

How Many Codons?

DNA - How many codons

The number of permutations of 3 objects chosen from 4

World We Share

Statistics Part 2

DNA - World We Share 2

Genographic Project

Continents, land area, population, pie charts and frequency bar charts.

Powers of Ten Part Part 2

Size of DNA

DNA - Powers of Ten 2

Introduction to Scientific Notation. Representing a billion and a billionth.

You might also like to use

The DNA Rap

Or the challenging

Online DNA Game


Thank you to the Wellcome Genome Campus Public Engagement Team for some of these resources and ideas.

The Babraham Institute Primary School Outreach

Discovering DNA: The recipe for life created by Dr Sue Assinder, University of Wales, Bangor.

DNA Cycle Path, Cambridge, England  and Nerdy Day Trips around the UK

DNA Game


DNA Song

Forensics, DNA Fingerprinting and Codis, Scitable by Nature Education

National Genographic Project Human Journey Interactive Map

Powers of Ten Video Cosmic View The Universe in 40 Jumps (-18 to +26)  

Teaching Channel Video, Making DNA Concrete and Comprehensible, Grades 9-12:

What is RNA? 

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