Bubbly Maths Shows

Bubble shows, shape and space shows and balloon shows…. All engaging children to love learning and enjoy mathematics (and science!).

Our own Bubblz the mathematical entertainer at the Johannesburg Sci Bono Science Centre (audience age range from 12 to 16) during a fundraising tour in South Africa and with Julius in Denmark  (audience age range from 6 to 11).

Bubble Shows and Shape and Space Maths Shows

Bubbly Maths Entertainers perform maths shows the UK and around the world, engaging audiences using mesmerising resources.

The props?

Magical soap bubbles and giant balloons.

These are used to discover the maths & science of bubbles and to explore the mathematical fundamentals of shape and measurement.

Bubbly Maths Entertainers can perform shows in English, Spanish, German and French. The shows are highly visual and we have assemblies that can be performed without language for international audiences.

You can get results like these.......

Royal Institution Grant Recipient

Bubbly Maths was a fantastic day and greatly enjoyed by all the children from reception to Year 6. The children really enjoyed the two days and learned how to make ‘brilliant mistakes’ which they could learn from. Since then, I have heard several children repeating this idea and being prepared to take risks in their mathematical learning. It has given teachers some really useful ideas for assimilating practical mathematical activities into their day-to-day teaching practice.

Sussex University, PGCE Student

There are learning opportunities in everything you do.

Royal Institution Grant Recipient

Bubbly Maths Clown Bumble was an absolute delight to have in school. The children were instantly engaged with the assembly and Bumble’s humour. It was a great chance to have shape delivered in such a visual way, where children could stand inside them. It supported our school ethos of Building learning Power and reinforced lots of mathematical vocabulary and problem solving skills. A fantastic way to deliver maths learning!

School Assembly Maths Shows

Our Assembly shows are usually fifteen or sixty minutes long, at the start of a Bubbly Maths Day and is an ideal way to introduce the whole school to fun and mesmerising mathematics.

Family Evening Maths Shows

We love parent and children shows. The follow-up packs the school receives can be passed on to the parents and the content of the shows used to pursue the concepts learnt in the shows through activities at home and at school.

After School & Extra-Curricular Shows

Seasonal shows such as our Xmaths Show are themed to explore the use of maths in real life, such as – CAN Christmas exist without Maths?

Nursery School Shows

Nursery children are entranced as they count bubbles and identify shapes during our gentle shows for little ones, culminating in an exciting rocket release. Counting up, counting down, size words, position words, non-standard measures and identifying shapes are all included in the special shows, tailored for very young learners.

Special Needs Shows

Colourful, visual maths show and workshops are ideal for special needs (SEN) schools and inclusion requirements.

Inclusion Shows

High impact no nonsense shows designed to engage disaffected learners.

Soap Bubble Shows

Early Years Shows:

Foundation Shows:

How Many Children fit inside the bubble?

KS1 Shows:

Estimate the height of the bubble.

KS2 Shows:

Estimate the Volume of the bubble.

How can we measure it?

Family Shows:

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