Making Maths FUN! Would you love your children, teachers and parents to enjoy learning mathematics? Our workshops have made maths fun using clowning, soap bubbles and balloons using shape, space, measurement and problem solving for more than 150,000 children since 2005. We have developed our program with mathematical learning experts and we specialise in changing the way people FEEL about mathematics. The children in our sessions get really excited whilst practising essential skills such as estimating, visualising and solving puzzles, leaving our sessions on a mathematical high.

Bubbly Maths Fun Workshops

Interactive workshops are available for primary schools students as well as teachers, parents and families.

Our typical workshops are filled with Giant Geometric shapes and many other, sometimes weird and always wonderful shapes, which are dreamed up by the workshop’s participants who make them from chunky modelling balloons.

The creations are experienced from the inside during the process, giving all participants at our workshops, a full sense of space and shape.

Primary Workshops

Workshops with Challenges

Puzzle Workshops

Family Workshops

Teacher Inset Workshops

Gifted and Talented Workshops

Festival Workshops

After School Workshops

10 Hour Workshops (over 2 or 5 weeks)

Secondary Workshops

Summer Camp Workshops

Seasonal Workshops

PGCE Student Workshops

Imagine infecting your school with a bubbly enthusiasm for maths: Educators (teachers) as much as the learners (students) benefit from Bubbly Maths Days. The concepts and memory anchors your Bubbly Maths Pal introduces in the shape and space sessions are designed to ignite the spark of enthusiasm for mathematics. Your Bubbly Maths Pal makes maths fun using huge soap bubbles and giant balloons. You can then enhance the experience using easily available household items and the mathematically rich activities in our resource pack. Invite your teachers to our complimentary 20 minute Bubbly Maths Fun session, so they can let loose with the soap bubbles and balloons and have a go for themselves. Engage parents and siblings in mathematics by adding a Bubbly Maths Family session at the end of your day, opening up possibilities for the whole family.

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