Would you love your children, teachers and parents to love learning and enjoy mathematics? That is our mission. Our workshops have made maths fun with entertainment using soap bubbles and balloons for shape, space, measurement and problem solving for more than 200,000 children since 2005. Our program has been developed with mathematical learning experts, so the maths is solid and we specialise in changing the way learners FEEL about mathematics. Our objective is that they all FEEL like young mathematicians, which means that KNOWING is the objective and LEARNING is the daily journey. The children in our sessions get really excited whilst practising essential skills such as estimating, visualising and solving puzzles, leaving our sessions on a mathematical high.

Bubbly Maths Fun Workshops

Invite your teachers to our complimentary 20 minute Bubbly Maths Fun session a the end of the day, so they too can let loose with the soap bubbles and balloons and have a go for themselves. Engage parents and siblings in mathematics by adding a Bubbly Maths Family session at the end of your day, opening up possibilities for the whole family. Your teachers can also enjoy a full hour workshop for a small additional fee.
Imagine infecting your school with a bubbly enthusiasm for maths: Educators (teachers) as much as the learners (students) benefit from Bubbly Maths Days. The concepts and memory anchors your Bubbly Maths Entertainer introduces in the sessions, are designed to ignite the spark of enthusiasm for mathematics. Our objective is that your learners leave the session FEELING like young mathematicians. Your Bubbly Maths Entertainer Makes Maths Fun using huge soap bubbles and giant balloons. You can then enhance the experience using easily available household items and the mathematically rich activities in our resource pack. 

You can get results like these.......

C. Thornley, St. William’s RC Primary School

The activities were pitched appropriately to age groups

Royal Institution Grant Recipient

Bubbly Maths was a fantastic day and greatly enjoyed by all the children from reception to Year 6. The children really enjoyed the two days and learned how to make ‘brilliant mistakes’ which they could learn from. Since then, I have heard several children repeating this idea and being prepared to take risks in their mathematical learning. It has given teachers some really useful ideas for assimilating practical mathematical activities into their day-to-day teaching practice.

Royal Institution Grant Recipient

Bubbly Maths Clown Bumble was an absolute delight to have in school. The children were instantly engaged with the assembly and Bumble’s humour. It was a great chance to have shape delivered in such a visual way, where children could stand inside them. It supported our school ethos of Building learning Power and reinforced lots of mathematical vocabulary and problem solving skills. A fantastic way to deliver maths learning!

Interactive workshops are available for primary schools, festivals, scouting events, any event where you would like a highly visual and exciting activity to engage children and/or families.

Our balloon workshops are filled with Giant Geometric shapes and many other, sometimes weird and always wonderful shapes, which are dreamed up by the workshop’s participants who make them from chunky modelling balloons.



Thinking Inside the Box: Shape and Space

The creations are experienced from the inside during the process, giving all participants at our workshops, a full sense of space and shape. 

Fantastic Fractals

Exploring fractals in the world around us and making the biggest fractal in the time allowed.

Exploring Shapes: Platonic Solids

Discover why there are only 5 regular solids (Platonic Solids), and use balloon puzzles to become familiar with their properties and use LOTS of shape vocabulary.

The Maths & Science of Soap Bubbles

Hands-on exploration of soap bubble properties. Enough said!

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