PGCE Students Enjoy Bubbly Maths

PGCE Students Enjoy Bubbly Maths

What a joy to behold. Bubbly Maths was invited to make maths fun for 30 PGCE trainee maths teachers (mostly secondary) at Sussex University. On a beautiful sunny day, two of us showed where the maths could be found using soap bubbles and balloons. The trainees were...

Bubbly Maths! First Team Day

What a fabulous day we had today :0) The Bubbly Maths! team had our first meeting, discussing how we are going to achieve our dream of making maths fun for all the children on our wonderful planet. We tested out a new balloon game based on a matrix of squares, having...

How do I Make Maths Meaningful?

The essence of making maths meaningful is to bring the subject matter to life and allowing the learner to think for themselves, giving them the responsibility for their own learning, Facilitate the LEARNING of mathematics, as opposed to “teaching” it and allow each learner to assimilate the concepts in their own way.

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