Paper Sizes

What is the difference between A4 and Letter Size? Why do the USA and Canada have different paper sizes? A4, the international standard is great for scaling, enlargement and reduction. Find out why: Paper Sizes and Formats Explained

Learning and discovering

Learning is about discovering new things, asking questions is so important. Why does it do this? How many lines are there? What is this for? Asking questions expands your mind, it gets you thinking about possibilities and answers. In this video Camillo and Tanya are...
Day 62 Happy PI Day!

Day 62 Happy PI Day!

Hap hap happy PI day! Today is March the 14th. So, in the UK we write our dates as day/month/year.. 14/3/13 Show me the Maths! Tell someone what numbers you can see in today’s date – just for fun! In the US today’s date is 3/14/13 Show me the maths!...

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