Bubblz the Bubbly Maths Clown

Bubblz realised she was a clown in 2004. She had been a clown all her life, she just didn’t know it! She immediately knew what she wanted to do – spread the joy and fun of maths through clowning. She finally knew what she was born to do and Bubblz has never looked back.

Making Maths Fun with Clowning Soap Bubbles and Balloons

ONE Metre!

Who is Bubblz the Bubbly Maths Clown?

Bubblz was born Caroline Ainslie (in London), to a mechanical engineer and a musician. She was very fortunate to have spent her formative years in Madrid, Spain. She attended two magnificent British schools where her natural ability in maths and sciences was nurtured and her love of music and performing was encouraged.

Caroline graduated in 1983 with an honours degree in Electronic Engineering, which she remained to a greater or lesser extent until 2004. Caroline never LOVED Electronic Engineering and had always wondered where her talents really lay. At the age of 42, she experienced the mind-blowing realisation that she was, in fact a clown! There was no doubt, no hesitation, she had finally found out what she was born to do – having been acutely aware of students struggling with Maths and English, as Bubblz, she knew that she would help people enjoy Maths.

In September 2005, Bubblz had the great fortune of meeting Hattie Maths (Sue Brown) a wonderful Maths Clown who took her under her wing and showed her the ropes. So Bubblz the Bubbly Maths Clown started Maths Clowning in earnest. She soon found her own groove and has developed her own primary maths performance method using giant bubbles (resource from Hattie Maths) and giant balloons, using the balloon art skills she has developed since 2004 (Bubblz is an award winning balloon artist too).

What does Bubblz do?

Bubblz is now the chief mathematical clown at Bubbly Maths which Makes Maths FUN! in primary schools, she is also an adventurer who has climber Mount Kilimanjaro for her favourite cause, AIMSSEC . She has lots of other fun activities including Guinness World Records, all of which will be raising money for mathematical education for disadvantaged children.

Bubblz is a member of:

Equity, Maths Association (MA), Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) and Clowns International.

Caroline is a General Council Member of the ATM

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