Do you have 6 spare seconds?

This 6 Second Video has changed my life!

The best way to learn? Doctors have known for years.

See one
Do one
Teach one.

I have found a BRILLIANT tool for all three!

All it involves is 6 seconds.

Did I say we are talking about SIX seconds?

Show me the maths is this video

Get your young people to recreate this and see how much maths they do.. Estimating, being accurate, perspective, eye balling, using mathematical language… Get them to add to the list!

How? Download the Vine App.

The bad news is that today, it is only available on iPhones and iPods. The good news is that Twitter has bought the app and is developing the software for other platforms. Watch this space!!

In the meantime, use what exists online to discuss oodles of lovely maths –

WARNING – there are currently no “adult” content restrictions so, do supervise :0)

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