Upon waking up on day 59 of my clownathon, I discovered I had been sent this picture:


Those that know me realise that I am a little obsessed with tetrahedrons so my first thought was, TETRAHEDRON!…. My second thought was….. Or is it?

Spot the difference

Phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 and phase 4

When does it stop?

Get your learners to describe the properties of both shapes.

Why is visualisation and the property of shapes so important?

In my opinion, the more we visualise shapes at a young age (or any age! I started when I was 42 – tatltuae) the more sense geometry makes when we see it on paper. The ability to create a mental image from a mathematical description is not something most of us are born with. It is something that we learn as we go and the earlier we start, the smoother the transition will be from pictures and 3D representations, to “book” learning.

Tetrahedral activities:

– build a tetrahedron

– design other similar shapes. Design ANYTHING out of tetrahedrons..

– build a Sierpinski tetrahdron.

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