Hap hap happy PI day!

Today is March the 14th.

So, in the UK we write our dates as day/month/year..


Show me the Maths!

Tell someone what numbers you can see in today’s date – just for fun!

In the US today’s date is


Show me the maths! What can you see?

Now, take a pencil and pad, a pinotepad, pencil, string and a rulerece of string and a ruler.

Go and find 10, 20, 30 or MORE cylinders. They can be part of furniture, a fire extinguisher, even a post box (or pillar box as we ARE in the UK!)

Measure the diameter (width of a circle in a straight line) and circumference (the girth, all the way round the circle) of all of them and write it down.

Then take a calculator, divide the circumference by the diameter and record that number. Do you see a pattern?

Now divide that number in half,Everyday cylinder

Look again at today’s date – the American one. And Show me the Maths.. Tell a friend what you can see.

Another fun activity with cylinders is find several cylinders that are about the same length with differing girths. Cut a piece of string and cut it to the length of the height and circumference of them all.

Show me the maths.

What did you observe. What surprised you?


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