I’m at Gregg’s cafe. I have £10 and I would love a coffee and something sweet. I also have to get something nice for the 6 friends that I am meeting. We’re going to the Ideal Home Exhibition! Yay!

I can get a medium latte for £1.70 or a large for £1.95. I am not sure if to get the Flapjacks for £1 or the chocolate raisins for 85p.

What would you do?

Yum Yum! I think I’ve found something :0) How much would this lot cost?


How would you split up all those Yum Yums between the children in your class?

How did you work it out? Find someone that worked it out differently, teach each other how you each did it.

Find someone that got a different answer, explain to each how you worked it out. How do you check the answer?

How many DIFFERENT ways can you think of to work it out?

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