Thank you for registering for the Global Maths Lesson.

The 30 minute lesson will be available for download VERY soon. You will receive an email with this link as soon as it is online.



The 30-min lesson will be suitable for all ages from 5 to 15+, with a modified task for very young children.


The 30-minute activity is to follow specific instructions for each learner to colour their own small Sierpinski triangle and for the class to assemble them all into a poster.


In the illustration above you see 243 small triangles. A class could make a small poster using 27 triangles. A school could make the poster above of 243 triangles with 9 groups of 27 students each making a small poster and then assembling these to make a bigger poster. Or a school could make a poster of 81 triangles from 3 smaller posters.


At the end of the August we’ll publish the full instructions for the 30-minute lesson with templates for colouring in and instructions for the wall space and size of backing sheet needed. This will be quickly followed by other activities for teachers to draw on linking this task to the school curriculum at different levels. In addition there will be other school maths curriculum related tasks on different fractals for different age groups.


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