Maths Week

What do you think would happen if  we blew harder/softer/from further away/…? Could be almost anything!

How long could we keep a bubble up in the air?

What could we do to help keep a bubble up in the air?

How long do you think one could stay up for?

How could we measure the time a bubble is airborne?

Estimate then measure.

For a bubble landing on a  particular target, get the children to decide the rules:

– How far away should we stand?

– How can we make it fair?

How about getting a bubble in a bucket from (say) 2 metres away.

How do the children think you should go about it – should you throw one or blow one? etc.

Whatever the game, need to think about how you would record where the bubble landed each time without too much wait time for everyone to have a go. Simple is always easier.

Use cameras to photograph a ‘blow’ then count how many – hard to count when they are moving. Could show some pre-prepared pictures too, which pic has the most/least/biggest/smallest bubble etc.

Bubble teams – one to blow the initial bubbles, 2 teammates to try to direct the bubbles to a target, 1 teammate to count how many make it. Compare – who got most/least? Why? Can you do it again while everyone watches and checks your count?

Bubble through a hole? How big should the hole be? What shape hole? Why?


Looking forward to Maths Week [atschool]

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