Congratulations to all who participated in the 2019 Global Maths Lesson. Over 10,000 learners registered from all around the world.

Largest Global Maths Lesson 2020

Super Stats

will be held in november 2020



Join us and thousands of children all around the world for a 30 minute maths lesson. In your own classroom or home. This year we will be discovering how maths made us healthy and there are many additional resources for follow up activities.

What do I need to do to participate?


Step 1: Register using the link below – this will mean that we know how many participants to expect and we can keep you informed as the day draws near. There is no obligation or cost to participating. If you choose not to participate nearer the time, that is fine. By registering you will simply be kept up to date for this year and subsequent years. You can “unsubscribe” any time. 


Step 2: When you receive our email announcing the lesson is ready, download the 30 minute lesson and check out the other rich maths resources available as follow up activities. 

Step 3: Do the lesson any time on the day. Take lots of pictures! Thousands of children around the world will be doing the same 30 minute lesson. 

Step 4: Submit your pictures, a short report and fill in a short form with number of teachers and learners, as well as your country of participation.  We will share the pictures and statistics on the website, so only submit pictures that we are clear to publish.  

Step 5: We will send you two pdf certificates. One for the individual participants and one for the organisation for you to print out and distribute.


There will be an option to make a donation for AIMSSEC when you submit your proof of participation after the event. This is not a requirement for participation. All fundraisers and donations will be greatly appreciated and added to the bursary fund for AIMSSEC’s professional development courses for teachers from the most disadvantaged communities in Africa.


The Global Maths Lesson 



is organised by Bubbly Maths in aid of AIMSSEC


in collaboration with


AIMSSEC, The Global Math Project, Living Maths and Hey Math!

The lessons will remain online after the big day as a resource for schools and educators.



Our objective is to create a GREAT event during which every learner and facilitator loves learning and enjoys maths. We love to open eyes and minds to the relevance of maths in real life. We aim to help learners around the world to feel united by this joint lesson.



We are also raising funds for a very special cause: AIMSSEC – African Institute for Mathematical Sciences School Enrichment Centre; helping improve the future of thousands of learners, by supporting AIMSSEC’s professional development courses for teachers in Africa from disadvantaged communities.



Registration is open to schools and organisations worldwide.

All participants must do the same 30 minute lesson on the day. If you wish to join in but can’t make the date, you will still receive a certificate of participation if you submit photographs & your participant numbers by the stated deadline. All teachers and learners involved count as participants.

The resources for the 30 minute Global Maths Lesson are available to download. The lesson can be adapted for ages from 5 to 18 and is suitable for whole schools or individual classes, large or small. There are other related resources available for those that wish to delve in more deeply.

All schools and organisations who submit the required evidence of participation will receive certificates of participation in downloadable pdf format.



What is the lesson plan? The compulsory lesson and other resources are available above this section

Where is the Global Maths Lesson being held? In classrooms, schools and community halls in countries all around the world.

Does the lesson have to be at a certain time? No, the mandatory 30 minutes of the lesson can take place any time on the day.

What happens if we can’t do the lesson on the day?  All participants should ideally do the same 30 minute lesson on the day. If you wish to join in but can’t make the date, you will still receive a certificate of participation if you submit photographs & your participant numbers by the deadline. All teachers and learners involved count as participants.

How long should the lesson last? 30 minutes.

What years can take part? The lesson can be adapted to suit learners of any age.

So each school can do something slightly different? No, all must do the main 30-minute lesson. There are additional follow up resources should you wish to extend the lesson to 60 minutes or more.

Who verifies that my class has complied with the rules? Each teacher or group leader is responsible for their own group. 

What evidence must I supply in order for my school to qualify? A brief report, a photograph, with date, of your class with the poster they have made, which will go on our website. You must also submit the online form with your participant numbers and country after you have completed the lesson.

The 2019 Global Maths Lesson Statistics: 


STATISTICS for the 2019 attempt

Global Maths Lesson on Fractals - Demographics
Number of Learners 10121
Total Number of Schools 90
Number of Countries 17
Number of Classes 567
Number of Teachers 624
Global Maths Lesson on Fractals Participating Countries
Country No. of Schools Registered
Alabania 1
Australia 3
Cambodia 1
Canada 2
Egypt 1
Fiji 1
India 5
Ireland 1
Isle Of Man 1
Kenya 1
Poland 1
Romania 4
Serbia 3
South Africa 4
Uganda 2
UK 38
USA 17



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