Maths Fun Together | Thank you for Registering

Thank you for Registering

for the Guinness World Records title attempt at the World’s Largest Global Maths Lesson between 11:00 & 11:30 hours UK time. The record attempt will be on 9th October 2019.

The subject for 2019 is the Maths and Science of Fractals – the lesson is called Fantastic Fractals

We will be sending you updates as they come in.

There are two levels of participation:

A – If you want a fun maths lesson on the same day as other schools around the world for Global Math Week and receive a certificate of participation from us, then we will only require a couple of photos and a media release form as proof of participation and we will send you a pdf you can share with your young mathematicians.

B – If you want to submit your evidence to be eligible for the official Guinness World Records participation certificate, then it is a good idea to start familiarising your team with the Guinness guidelines

We are very excited about the 2019 attempt as we hope to have many partners all around the world to give us a huge number of participants. Please note: we are not guaranteed to gain the record. All learners will receive a downloadable certificate of participation from us upon submission of proof of completion of the DNA Lesson. The Guinness World Record title is up to Guinness adjudicators and they are very rigorous in their judgements.

Here’s to becoming Guinness World Records title holders in 2019 šŸ™‚



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