GWRDay17 Submission Instructions

TIME SENSITIVE: Valid between November 10th & 24th 2017

Congratulations on your Guinness World Record attempt!

Thank you so much for participating with us in our 2017 GWRDay attempt.
We have had such a wonderful response from 8309 learners in 63 Schools over 8 Countries across the globe.

Please submit your actual participant numbers in the form below (please submit your evidence by email – photos, witness statements and Schedule 3 release form – email to
Please submit evidence of your attempt by 17:00 GMT on November 24th 2017

This is a fund raising event. Please make a donation if you possibly can. $10 from every participating school would train 2 more teachers in disadvantaged communities. $30 each would mean AIMSSEC would have bursaries for 6 more teachers.

Even if every child donates 10p, 10 cents or 10 euros, we would raise $4,000 for our partner cause, whose founder has helped coordinate this world record and helped with the resources. The cause is AIMSSEC – empowering children in disadvantaged communities to Rise Up from poverty through excellent, sustainable education. You will find a donation link and more information at


You will find word files of blank templates for witness statements and the Guinness Schedule 3 forms at the bottom of this page.

What should your witness statement contain?

ONLY count participants who were present at the beginning AND the end
– TEACHERS count towards the participant numbers
– WITNESSES do NOT count towards the numbers.

Witnesses must certify that:

a.    The lesson followed the structure of a normal class
b.    The instructor(s) and the pupils taught, remained the same throughout the lesson.  If one dropped out, they should not be counted.
c.    The instructors must be suitably qualified.
d.    All participants were taught the same topics simultaneously, all participants were able to either see their instructors or follow their movements on a video screen.
e.    The lesson lasted a minimum of 30 minutes. The attempt was timed with stopwatches accurate to 0.01 seconds.

ALL participants in photographs and video must have permission for photographs to be used and published by Guinness. No exceptions.
ONLY submit photos of participants that have permission to be photographed.

Please submit:
TWO – Independent Witness Statements (template attached, see below)
Photographic Proof of attempt, photos of the lesson. The better the photos you submit, the more likely they are to be selected for the book, should we achieve the record this year.
Schedule 3 Form (photographic release form – template attached, see below)

Deadline for submission is 17:00 GMT on November 24th 2017

Send your PROOF for The Largest MATHS Lesson to

ALL participants who submit their material will receive a FREE pdf downloadable certificate of participation from Bubbly Maths. We will only be eligible for an official Guinness certificate if the record attempt is approved by Guinness (the Guinness certificates cost £20 each, you will be able to apply for them on the Guinness World Record website – we will send your the eligibility code, should we achieve the record)

You will receive a link to download your certificate once we have collated all the submissions and your certificate will include the statistics of this amazing attempt.

We look forward to receiving all the submissions and learning the final numbers 🙂

Download your “Schedule 3” – photo release form here:

Download your Witness Statement form here:

The resource will remain online for use in the years to come. Please do tell others about them: MathsFun in Time

Another huge thank you to Toni Beardon (AIMSSEC) and the entire team of people who helped develop and promote this amazing event.

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