GWRDay15 Largest Maths Class Proof Submission – 1 of 2

This page is to submit your proof and data for the Largest Maths & Science Lesson ONLY. If you are submitting proof for one of the other records, please follow the links in your email, so that you fill in the correct forms.


With so much misery in the world there are many appeals for donations. This Guinness World Record lesson is freely giving a unique educational opportunity to nearly 50 thousand learners. Many schools could afford to make donations that would help teachers and learners who have very few opportunities to help themselves and to work for better lives for themselves and their communities. For example, if each school donates just £5 for each participating class that would give bursaries and teaching resources for 20 teachers from the most disadvantaged communities. It would benefit 600 learners now, this year, and more learners in the future.

If you got value out of participating in this amazing world record, please give as much as you can.

Thanks a million!

Submission Forms

There are two forms. One is for data and it auto fills with any data we already have (please check all data for accuracy.)

The other is to submit your photos and documents. There is some data that has to be input here, so that we can match your data to your proof documents. It is essential that you type in EXACTLY the same name and email address as you have used on the first form.

The data does NOT have to match the original registration details you sent before the attempt. We are only interested in those that ACTUALLY participated. Please email us on with any questions, by replying to the email with the link to this page in it.

Thank you

Data Submission


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