How can I make maths Fun?

Making Maths Fun estimating size and quantity of teeth
What ideas do you have to make maths fun?

These are questions we hear all the time.

At Bubbly Maths, we CONSTANTLY find ways to make maths fun!

At schools and workshops we use soap bubbles and balloons but what about every day life? What about your children? One of the most powerful tools we have is the mobile phone camera. We are constantly finding reasons to say: “Show me the maths”.

Making Maths Fun, blowing bubbles at the top of Africa

When climbing mountains (or just going for a walk in the park), there are SO many questions. How long, how far, how many crocodiles (or squirrels) estimating constantly, then measuring. It can all be converted into a game and therefore a means of making maths fun.

How high is The Shard in London?

Our home, school and the buildings around us are a constant source of ideas and curiosity. How tall is The Shard in London? It looks shorter than the church spire and YET it is the tallest building in the UK. How can that be? What ELSE can you see in the picture. When children take their OWN pictures, they get so much more involved in the process and when they take mathematical shots on a regular basis, they themselves can start recognising the opportunities to make maths fun that are all around them.

Q. How high IS The Shard in London?

A. Approximately 306 metres (1,004 ft). In 2014 it is the tallest building in the European Union.

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