How do you make maths fun for a disengaged learner?

Fun at the Mallow Science Festival

Create an adventure, catch them by surprise, allow them to get engaged and then help them find the learnings through the problem, to the conclusion.

One of the best moments of my career was when an 8 year old came up to me 45 minutes into the session and asked me when the maths lesson was going to start.
“Let them get themselves into a muddle and then help them get out of it.” Toni Beardon, co-founder of nrich maths

Giving them an activity that they want to do, such as a game or something intriguing will get them engaged to the point that they will naturally want to follow along to its conclusion. Make it something personal. A great example is working out the day they were born click here for the resource. NRICH has thousands of great resources and we highly recommend using it.

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