Caroline went to Thorpe Park on Saturday, to celebrate with her friends, sadly I couldn’t go with her (I was too busy having fun with maths with some great learners).

Caroline told me she was going on the scary rides but when she came back she told me about the most fun one – being inside a giant bubble! And that wasn’t scary at all, I wish it was me inside the giant bubble!!! She did take this great movie to show me though,  so I thought I’d share it with you too, so you could enjoy the fun!

Who’d have thought that there was SO MUCH MATHS at Thorpe Park? Especially when people go there just to have fun!

When Caroline saw the bubble, she just had to get in! First she had to make sure she was below the maximum weight so she wouldn’t hit the bottom, then she had to be small enough to fit through the slot to get inside, and then, when she stood up so that she could work out what the diameter of the sphere was, she discovered gravity and promptly fell over!  Lucky for her though, the bubble protected her from the water and gave her a soft fall!

What other kind of maths do you think we could find at an amusement park?

Show me the Maths!

If you can think of any more Maths that I could discover when I get to go to Thorpe Park, please leave me a comment below, and I’ll be sure to reply to you 🙂  And, if your suggestion wins, I’ll include it in a blog post too!

Watch out for more blogs about the fun in maths, coming soon!

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