Show me the Maths

Bubbly maths exploring every day mathsGet your children searching for maths in REAL life.

They’ll think they are playing, but, they’ll also be learning! Maths is everywhere and in everything.

This is a fun and interactive project for all budding young mathematicians. There are lots of mathematical puzzles and quizzes in everyday objects and places.

This picture is a great example of how something simple in REAL life can contain so much maths!

Show me the Maths - Find the maths in this picture

Show me the Maths


What shapes can you see?

Can you estimate the amount of parallel lines?

How wide is the gap between the parallel lines?

Can you describe the triangles on the pavement?

How many rectangles can you see?

How far away is the sea from the lamp post?

How tall is the blue and white building?

What is the angle between the clown (wearing the red & white striped top) & the pavement?

Look at the lamp post and the building behind it and have a discussion about which is taller

Some of these sample questions are more advanced than others, some are deceptively simple, such as counting rectangles.

This was inspired by ATM’s (Association for Teachers of Mathematics) “Where is the Maths?” activity.

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