Maths Trails

2012 is the Year of the Dragon in China and the Year of the Maths Trail at Bubblz Maths. We will be announcing some very exciting news shortly, which could make a HUGE difference to your school. In the meantime, please bookmark this page, as we will be adding many more links and ideas through the course of the year.

– Our friends at Cambridge University’s Nrich have a wonderful page for Maths Trails including practical experience.

– A Maths Trail for Easter from the TES for Year 2

– LOTS of wonderful outdoor Maths Trail activities for primary schools.

– Oxford University’s Marcus du Sautoy has been promoting Maths in the City discovering lots and lots of symmetry :0)

– Other maths trails in and around London.

Stay tuned for many more ideas and links and for our thrilling news!

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