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They may be a girl’s best friend and they certainly are forever (until you loose them!) but they are NOT mathematical. What shape IS a diamond?

In this activity your class will discover where diamonds are in REAL life, and what the difference is between a diamond & a mathematical shape.

THIS is a diamond 🙂

THIS is a diamond 🙂

Action Steps:

Ask the class “What is a diamond?”
Encourage them to draw a diamond
Ask the children “Where have you seen diamonds in real life?”
Using images on the internet, magazines, catalogues etc create a collage (individually, in groups or as a class)
Encourage discussion, allowing your young mathematicians to realise for themselves that a diamond can be many things.  Use this aspect as an opportunity to explain that because of the wide variation, it is impossible to accurately use the term diamond in mathematics.
Look for all the 2D shapes within the collage and have the children label them using the correct mathematical vocabulary.  E.g- Square, Rhombus, Kite, parallelogram, they may even spot an Octahedron!
You’ll have great collages to display around the class and school as a reminder.
As an ongoing exercise, in class encourage your young mathematicians to describe the properties of a shape if they call it a diamond. Good habits last a lifetime!

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