What a joy to behold. Bubbly Maths was invited to make maths fun for 30 PGCE trainee maths teachers (mostly secondary) at Sussex University. On a beautiful sunny day, two of us showed where the maths could be found using soap bubbles and balloons. The trainees were itching to have a go and they made geometric bubbles using bendy straws, bits of string and a drop of Fairy Liquid, followed by a giant Sierpinski Tetrahedron. They took the time to just play with maths in its simplest form. It is inspiring me to start an annual tour of colleges that offer PGCE courses next year.

What Maths Teacher Trainees at Sussex University had to say :0)

“Thrilled to have had a great time and also learn techniques for use in class”

Faj Aitken

“Lovely representation of maths”

Michelle Clark

Maths PGCE Students use metre length balloons to make a giant structure.

Hickory and Bubblz spent a FABULOUS day in Brighton, playing maths with PGCE students at Sussex University.


We made shapes with bubbles and balloons and took lots of lovely mathematical pictures which you can see at:






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