Bubbly Maths Pals travel all over the country, we travel the world too,

We have the UK prices for you below, please contact us to enquire about Bubbly Maths Fun for your learners :

Making Maths FUN! Would you love your children, teachers and parents to enjoy learning mathematics? Our workshops have made maths fun using clowning, soap bubbles and balloons using shape, space, measurement and problem solving for more than 150,000 children since 2005. We have developed our program with mathematical learning experts and we specialise in changing the way people FEEL about mathematics. The children in our sessions get really excited whilst practising essential skills such as estimating, visualising and solving puzzles, leaving our sessions on a mathematical high.

Imagine infecting your school with a bubbly enthusiasm for maths: Educators (teachers) as much as the learners (students) benefit from Bubbly Maths Days. The concepts and memory anchors your Bubbly Maths Pal introduces in the shape and space sessions are designed to ignite the spark of enthusiasm for mathematics. Your Bubbly Maths Pal makes maths fun using huge soap bubbles and giant balloons. You can then enhance the experience using easily available household items and the mathematically rich activities in our resource pack. Invite your teachers to our complimentary 20 minute Bubbly Maths Fun session, so they can let loose with the soap bubbles and balloons and have a go for themselves. Engage parents and siblings in mathematics by adding a Bubbly Maths Family session at the end of your day, opening up possibilities for the whole family.

Testimonials “The children were enthralled and enjoyed learning about shapes. Activities were pitched just right for every year group (Nursery to Year 6). Thank you for giving us back some enjoyment in our curriculum. We will call on you again!” Maxine Pattison, Head Teacher, Ferry Lane Primary School, Tottenham. “The boys were enthralled. They had great fun and did lots of Maths. Thank you.” M. Willcok, St. Columba’s. “An inspiration with your energy for learning in a colourful and informative way.” Adam Oliver, BT Head Of Corporate Social Responsibility. “You were able to unpack some of the more abstract maths concepts in a tangible and very accessible way.” Michael Peter, Sci-Bono Discovery Centre.

Bubbly Maths Event Fee Notes
Bubbly Maths Day £500 (Plus additional costs - see table below)
Doubly Bubbly Maths Day £900 Two consecutive days (Plus additional costs - see table below)
Additional consecutive Days £400 (Plus additional costs - see table below)
Half days £400 Available where we have a local Bubbly Maths Entertainer (Plus additional costs - see table below)
Bubbly Maths Show £350 (One hour show) Available where we have a local Bubbly Maths Entertainer (Plus additional costs - see table below)
Bubbly Maths Fun Teacher Day £600 (Plus additional costs - see table below)
Fun Teacher Session Free 20 minutes of maths fun for teachers after a Bubbly Maths Day
Fun Teacher Workshop £120 60 minutes of maths fun for teachers after a Bubbly Maths Day
Bubbly Maths Family Show £120 60 minutes of maths fun for families after a Bubbly Maths Day
Fantastic Family Figures £140 60 minute family maths workshop after a Bubbly Maths Day (for up to 20 families)

Additional Costs

Consummables Fee Notes
Balloons and Bubbles £30 For up to 200 balloons during a Bubbly Maths Day
Balloons and Bubbles £20 For up to 100 balloons during a half Bubbly Maths Day or one hour workshop
Balloons £15 For every additional 100 balloons used

Travel Expenses Cost Notes
Mileage 45p Cost per mile
Public Transport Actual Cost Including taxi fares
Accommodation To be arranged by host school when travel distance is more than 50 miles or a 90 minuite drive

** Please Note:

As a thank you, if you have booked a day or half day event, when we receive payment before your booking day (cheques must have cleared before your Bubbly Maths event) we will reduce the price by £50

All Bubbly Maths entertainers have Enhanced CRB/DBSs and PLI.

To avoid disappointment please make a booking enquiry to send us your preferred dates as soon as possible. We can pencil you in and if another school enquires about the same date before you confirm, we will notify you.
Thank You!

A typical Bubbly Maths Day Timetable:

Bubbly Maths Day

Times Activity
9:00 - 9:15 Whole School Assembly
9:30 - 10:30 Workshop or Show
11:00 - 12:00 Workshop or Show
13:00 - 14:00 Workshop or Show
14:00 - 15:00 Workshop or Show
15:30 - 15:50 Fun Maths for Teachers

Some Bubbly Maths Half Day Options

Times Activity
9am till 12pm 1 Whole School Assembly
2 Workshops
9am till 12pm 2 Shows
1pm till 3pm 2 Workshops
1pm till 3pm 2 Shows

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