Soap Bubble Shape Kit (Large 21cm)



Large Soap Bubble Shape Kit (21 cm)

The large kit is perfect for teachers, school and children’s entertainers to demonstrate soap bubble shapes to a group of children or to use as props for a bubble show. 

The straws can be cut down to size to fit your bubble juice bucket.

Make your own soap bubble shapes using the science of thin film. Make your own cubic bubble, a bubble pyramid, even a bubble octahedron! Explore the maths and science of geometric shapes using minimal paths and minimal surfaces.

Product Description


1 x Tetrahedron/Triangular Based Pyramid
1 x Triangular Prism
1 x Octahedron
1 x Cube

Instructions including bubble maths and science.

The small shapes have 21cm edge lengths.

Delivery Fee

Posting and packaging is £4.99 within the UK. Please contact us for a shipping quote before purchasing if you are outside the UK.


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