WOW! I am SO excited! I knew my balloon modeling skill would come in handy one day!

I went to the National Achievers Congress in London to hear Richard speak. WOW! He says the only reason to start a business is to make a difference to people. I couldn’t agree more!

I have been wanting to meet Richard Branson, since he is clearly ALL about making lives better for as many people as possible, which is totally in alignment with the Bubbly Maths mission: “To transform our world by making learning maths fun for all children” and he has set up organisations in South Africa to train socially disadvantaged people as entrepreneurs, including CIDA in Johannesburg led by Taddy Blecher (whose vision is to transform the South African society in THIS generation).

Starting with South Africa, our mission is to work on the maths skills which are sadly lacking in disadvantaged communities due to past politics, so that the youth arrive at places of higher learning equipped to take on the challenges, both with maths skill and the general reasoning skills that maths provides.

Richard Branson and his organisations have the skill and funding to take a project which is currently reaching 300 teachers per year, to be so much more powerful and with his political influence, it could even be implemented by the government. We work with AIMSSEC, a train the trainer organisation for maths teachers in townships and rural areas, which was founded by Toni Beardon OBE, a mathematical learning expert from Cambridge University and winner of the Queen’s Birthday Award for services to mathematics, founder of Nrich, an organisation which makes 1000s of enjoyable, powerful mathematical activities available online to a global audience .

SO……… this was the closest I was likely to get to him for a while. I did some research about the best balloon model for him, to get his attention. He says he now spends 70% of his time working on setting up not for profit organisations that make a difference and his new commercial ventures are Virgin Galactic (so the everyday person can go to space) and a search for a new eco-friendly fuel (to save the planet). I saw an extraordinary video on the Virgin Galactic website on the latest feathered wing space flight and I knew THAT was it!

Here is the model – WITH working feathered wings!

Virgin Galactic VMS EVE

The Virgin Galactic VMS EVE balloon model I made for RIchard Branson













Virgin Galactic VMS EVE

VMS EVE Underbelly. I am not a graphic artist. I did my best to get the logo right!












Here is the footage of him receiving it :0)

Richard receives the Virgin Galactic Balloon model I made for him

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