Maths Week

Inspiring Maths Week in Primary Schools

Planning a maths week?

Do you want to start your maths week off with a bang or a giant bubble? We have the answer with a day of Bubbly Maths Fun.

Would you like your school to be full of teachers and children enjoying maths?

Would you like your school to have an inspiring maths week experience which kept on going for weeks and even years through follow up maths activities?

Would you like family learning to be part of your maths week?

Integrate student assessment and teacher CPD into maths week.

PRIMARY Maths Show:

We inspire teachers and students (and their parents) during maths week, using giant soap bubbles and balloons. We spend a day or two at schools with an assembly and up to an hour’s performance with each year group from  Reception to year 6 with a special half hour performance for nursery.

PRIMARY Maths Workshop:

Groups of up to 30:

Experiential workshops where students might:

Be mathematicians for an hour with low entry high threshold activities.

Practice visualisation skills.

Experience creative maths Experience 3D shapes from the inside (Reception to year 6)

Experience shape and space in a memorable way.

Estimate, measure and re-calibrate (Reception to year 6)

Experience area and perimeter (year 3 to year 6)

Play mathematical thinking games (year 1 to year 6)

Enjoy visual learning.

Engage their bodies in all activities (kinaesthetic learning).

Include the nursery children with special early years activities

Include parents and siblings.

There are maths week activities suitable for EY, KS1, KS2, Nursery, Reception, Y1 (year 1), Y2 (year 2), Y3 (year 3), Y4 (year 4), Y5 (year 5) and Y6 (year 1). The maths activities also work well for SEN students and secondary schools.

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