The World’s Largest DNA Lesson

Schools are invited to register an interest in participating in
The Guinness World Record Breaking Biggest Ever Maths & Science Lesson
Thursday 12 November 2015
The Maths and Science of DNA

Thousands of schools around the world in Europe, India, Africa, South America and Asia will take part in this cross curricular 100 minute lesson for learners of ages 10 to 14 on the Guinness World Record Day – Thursday 12 November 2012.  All classes will use the free teaching resources, worksheets, teachers notes downloadable from the NRICH website. Resources for younger and older learners will also be available.

A short video will show you how to make models of the DNA double helix and each learner will make their own model. The lesson will explore the way DNA replicates itself, how the DNA code characterises each living organism and gives a ‘database’ of all the information an organism needs to survive, grow and reproduce, and how DNA is used to identify one individual from another.

For the second half of the lesson teachers will be able to choose from a wide range of activities for which worksheets, resources and teachers notes will be provided, to include: problem solving, functions, codes, pattern recognition, measuring, scale, large and small numbers and representation in standard form, statistics, sequences, permutations, repeated doubling in a DNA dance, the structure and chemistry of DNA, the use of DNA in identifying characteristics of cells and in forensic science.

Teachers will submit a photo of their class with the models they have made as proof of participation, and will get a free certificate from NRICH, Bubbly Maths & HeyMath and a template to print certificates for each learner who took part. We expect to achieve a Guinness World Record and feature in the Guinness World Record Book.

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