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The TOP 10 Brilliant Mistakes We Make When Teaching Mathematics

Brilliant Mistake Number 10.

Not getting involved :0(


“I wasn’t there when it didn’t happen.”

This is common among parents and family members. If this is you, there is hope.

My Mum never wanted to get involved in my homework. She felt that my teachers would do a much better job and that I might get confused if she helped me, especially with maths. She has since told me that she was never any good at maths and I am guessing there was some fear around not understanding what I was doing.

The consequence was, that I was left to my own resources and sometimes floundered. The good news was, of course, that I knew that getting my homework done was entirely up to me and I learnt to study independently (even though I DID leave my homework to the last minute! EEK!). To this day, I observe in awe, when I see parents support their children with their homework.

So what SHOULD you do? The answer is in the 9th Top Brilliant Mistake We Make When Teaching Mathematics, read on Tommy! :0)
9th Top Brilliant Mistake We Make When Teaching Mathematics

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