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Our objective is to create a GREAT event where every young mathematician and facilitator loves learning and enjoys maths. We love to open eyes and minds to the relevance of maths in real life.

We are also raising funds for a very special cause: AIMSSEC – African Institute for Mathematical Sciences School Enrichment Centre; Supporting Disadvantaged African Children to Raise themselves out of Poverty through Sustainable Education. We would be grateful for voluntary donations however small


Registration is open to schools and organisations worldwide.

All participants must have the same lesson between 11:00 & 11:30 hours UK time. The record attempt will be on 9th October 2019. If you wish to join in but can’t make the time or date, you will still receive a certificate of participation if you submit photographs, release forms & your participant numbers within 2 weeks of the record attempt. All teachers and learners involved, count as participants in the record attempt.

The resources for the 30 minute Global Maths Lesson “Fantastic Fractals” are available to download here. The lesson can be adapted for ages from 3 to 15 and suitable for whole schools or individual classes, large or small. There are other resources on fractals available for those that which to delve in more deeply.

All schools and organisations who submit the required evidence of participation will receive certificates of participation from Bubbly Maths in downloadable pdf format. If we achieve the official record, you will be able to apply for your own official certificate direct from Guinness World Records. We will provide all of those who submitted evidence of participation with the official reference number from Guinness when we succeed

The official Guinness guidelines are listed below.



The compulsory lesson and other resources are available above this section



World’s Largest Maths Lesson – Mass Participation, Multi-Venue Record.
Current record to beat 4076 participants

The activity and resources available to download above, are for a 30-minute lesson which must take place between 11:00 and 11:30 hours, UK time on 9th October 2019.


In classrooms, schools and community halls in countries all around the world.


Does the lesson have to be at a certain time? Yes, the mandatory 30 minutes of the lesson must take place between 11:00 and 11:30 UK time on 9th October 2019.

If you can’t participate at the specified time or date, you will still receive a certificate of participation upon submission of photographic evidence, media release forms and registering your numbers.

How long should the lesson last? 30 minutes.

What years can take part? The lesson can be adapted to suit young mathematicians of any age.

So each school can do something slightly different? No, all must do the main 30-minute lesson. There are additional ideas to follow on with, should you wish to extend the lesson to 60 minutes or more.

Who verifies that my class has complied with the rules? For each venue, you will need an official, qualified timekeeper (eg: a PE teacher) and two independent witnesses (eg: volunteers from the local community or college).

What evidence must I supply in order for my school to qualify?

  1. A photo of each class doing the lesson. The Schedule Three Release form for copyright on the photo must be included with your submission. All forms are downloadable from the resource page.

  2. Two official witness statements signed by your two independent witnesses that give the name and location of the venue, the number of participants, the duration time of the lesson and a declaration that all the rules have been followed.

  3. Every group must be recorded on video for the entire time. We will ask you to upload one to  youtube (private status) and keep the rest safe in case Guinness requests ALL the evidence.

  4. Every class of up to 50 must have a steward to monitor that everyone is participating. Anyone that leaves the area will not be counted.

  5. If you choose to get everyone in one large area, groups of 50 (or less) must be clearly delineated and have one steward per group. A photograph that captures the whole group is required. In this situation, only one teacher is required.



1. All participants must be registered for the attempt using the Bubbly Maths Registration Form.

2. All participants should be taught the “Fantastic Fractals” lesson between 11:00 & 11:30 on Wednesday, 9th October 2019 following the published lesson plan. The same format must be followed at each location.

3. You can have one teacher per group, in many classrooms or in a larger space like a hall or auditorium. These teachers must be suitably qualified, and cannot be witnesses, but are counted as participants.

4. The lesson must last a minimum of 30 minutes. A loud start and finish signal recognised by all participants must be used. An experienced, qualified timekeeper must time the attempt with astopwatch accurate to 0.01 seconds.

5. All record attempts must take place in schools or in public venues and should be in restricted areas with entrances and exits clearly marked and controlled. Indoor attempts must take place in a room designated for the attempts and outdoor attempts must be secured with fences or other physical barriers.

6. There must be at least 25 participants for each venue and if a participant drops out during the lesson they will not be counted. This is the total number for the venue. If you only have a small group, invite parents, carers of friends to join you, to make your numbers up to the minimum requirement.

7. Specific measures must be in place to ensure participants are not counted twice.

8. After the event, the witness statements and steward statements (if over 50 participants) from each location, and all other verification as per the general guidelines, must be sent by email to Bubbly Maths (maths@bubblymaths.co.uk), who is then responsible for collating all the information and sending a complete claim to Guinness World Records.


For each group you will need:

  • One official timekeeper

  • Stewards (for groups of over 50 – one steward per 50 participants required, yes, you will need one steward per class – their role is to ensure that everyone remains in the room and participates for the full 30 minutes) – each steward must submit a statement with the name of their group and how many participated. 

  • Two independent witnesses (Volunteers from the local community or college.) Their role is to move around, the venue, checking that the guidelines are being followed and overviewing the stewards and to collect the steward statements for submission with the evidence. The witnesses must fill in and sign the official witness forms

  • Submit at least one photograph (the best photos will be submitted to Guinness for possible inclusion in the Guinness World Records Book) that covers each entire group. The young mathematicians do not have to be facing the camera, if safe guarding is an issue.

  • Video the 30 minutes as proof. Upload one as a secret YouTube, so we can submit evidence to Guinness. Keep all video safe should it be requested by Guinness.

  • Submit witness forms and the release forms which we will send you.


  • All lessons must be timed with a stopwatch accurate to 0.01s by a qualified timekeeper.


  • For every 50 participants there must be one designated steward.

  • Each steward must supervise their group during the attempt to ensure full participation.

  • Each steward must monitor if anybody in their group leaves the area.

  • The steward must note any participants who need to be deducted from the final total either for non-participation or for leaving the allocated area.

  • If the total number not participating exceeds 5% of the final total the attempt will be disqualified.


  • Each venue must be overseen and verified by at least two independent witnesses (you can have more if that helps) who must sign an official witness statement.

  • The witnesses must personally perform the counting process or directly observe it and submit the total number once all the stewards have reported back.

  • The witnesses must perform spot checks during the attempt to ensure the rules are adhered to.

More from Guinness, in their own words:

•   Two independent witness statements per venue confirming that the rules above have been adhered to and must explicitly state the exact and final figure of the total participants taking into account any participants whom the stewards deducted from the total. Statements must describe the counting process and overall attempt in details, including the local time that the attempt started and finished. 
•    Steward statements from each venue verifying the exact number of people successfully completing the activity that is the subject of the record attempt. 
•    Where a venue has 5000 participants or more an official auditor’s report must be submitted from an independent, professional auditing firm and must confirm the exact and final figure of the total participants taking into account any participants whom the stewards deducted from the total, as well as all details of the verification process. 
•    Photographic evidence of your attempt taking place capturing the details provided by the independent witnesses. The photographic evidence must include an aerial photo of the crowd or a photo showing the entire group. 
•    Video evidence of the entire record attempt, from start to finish that enables us to confirm the measurement achieved, that the guidelines have been adhered to and verify the details provided by the independent witnesses. In addition, all entrances and exits must be monitored on video and the counting process must be clearly visible in the video too. 
•    Schedule 2 should be signed by you when you are sending in evidence which you either own or have permission to allow Guinness World Records to use. 
•    If you include any photographs or video in your evidence which you do not own or have permission to allow Guinness World Records to use, then you must include Schedule 3. 
•    Media articles (newspaper, online, TV or radio) should be submitted as part of the evidence requirements. This is not compulsory evidence.. 

Please read the Guide to Your Evidence document, where you will find further information about the evidence requirements and evidence templates. It is paramount this document is read before you submit your evidence.

Evidence checklist

  • 2 or more Witness statements (signed)
  • Steward statements (if you have over 50 participants at your venue)
  • Auditors report (if you have over 5000 participants at your venue))
  • Video evidence (send URLs of private videos uploaded to YouTube)
  • Schedule 3 (signed)
  • Media articles (if you have any)
  • Photographic Evidence



Download your Evidence forms here:

A – you only want to submit a photo for a fun maths lesson and get a certificate of participation from us:

Send photographic proof and this form, signed and filled in, to: maths@bubblymaths.co.uk. Make sure it’s a photo we can use. Faces do not have to be visible if safeguarding is an issue.
BME Supporting Material Release

B – you want to submit your evidence to be eligible for the official Guinness World Records participation certificate:

You will need at least:

1 photographer

1 person in charge of videos (every group must be videoed for the entire 30 minutes. Mobile (cell) phone footage is fine)

1 Qualified timekeeper (eg: PE teacher)

2 Independent witnesses (eg: volunteers from the community or college)

1 Steward per class or group of 50 if you are making the attempt in one large space.

Send in via email (maths@bubblymaths.co.uk):

  • Video evidence (send URLs of private videos uploaded to YouTube)
  • Media articles (if you have any that you wish to share)
  • Photographic Evidence (including a picture showing each complete group as they are making the attempt – faces are best for Guinness if you want a chance to be in the book. However, faces are not required should safeguarding be an issue but the photo is still important to show that all participants were engaged in the activity)
  • All required forms – see below…


  • More instructions from Guinness on Evidence gathering for submission:

GML19 Schedule 1 – Collect & Submit Evidence

  • 2 or more Witness statements (signed):

GML19 Witness-Statement-Form_tcm25-486436

  • Steward statements (if you have over 50 participants at your venue) you need one per steward:

GML19 Steward-Statement_tcm25-486435

  • Schedule 3 media release form (signed):

GML19 Schedule-3-Largest-maths-lesson-multiple-location

  • Auditors report (if you have over 5000 participants at your venue) – contact us if you need this.


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