I am so excited! It is less than 2 weeks till the Guinness World Record Event – The World’s Largest Balloon Tetrahedron.

It will be a beautiful rainbow pyramid. This is a scale model of what we will be creating, the next version will be 10 times the size of this!

I have been carrying this balloon tetrahedron round to lots of different places, to show people what it will look like. People’s reactions are amazing.

If you want to be part of this incredible event and witness the beauty of a giant balloon structure, then come and join us:

12 noon Sunday June 30th 2013
Larks in the Park, Roestock Park, Admirals Close,
Colney Heath, St Albans AL4 0QD

4096 triangles

For more information about the Pyr-a-loons, the loony group of balloon artists who are putting this on and for some inspiring information about balloons and Sierpinski Triangles, click here

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