C. Thornley, St. William’s RC Primary School

The activities were pitched appropriately to age groups

Sussex University, PGCE Student

There are learning opportunities in everything you do.

M. Wilcok, St Columba’s, Hertfordshire

A fantastic presentation. The boys were enthralled. They had great fun and did lots of Maths. Thank you

Mr Meleady & Mr White, Shaw School, Yr 6 teachers

We will refer back to the children’s visualisation of shapes during teaching and use the balloons you left behind to model shapes.

Royal Institution Grant Recipient

Bubbly Maths Clown Bumble was an absolute delight to have in school. The children were instantly engaged with the assembly and Bumble’s humour. It was a great chance to have shape delivered in such a visual way, where children could stand inside them. It supported our school ethos of Building learning Power and reinforced lots of mathematical vocabulary and problem solving skills. A fantastic way to deliver maths learning!

Royal Institution Grant Recipient

Bubbly Maths was a fantastic day and greatly enjoyed by all the children from reception to Year 6. The children really enjoyed the two days and learned how to make ‘brilliant mistakes’ which they could learn from. Since then, I have heard several children repeating this idea and being prepared to take risks in their mathematical learning. It has given teachers some really useful ideas for assimilating practical mathematical activities into their day-to-day teaching practice.

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